How We Help

Estate & Wealth Planning has developed a unique multi-generational approach to your financial success because every season of life requires different planning, investment strategies, and protection. Our team begins with getting a thorough understanding of your specific goals, resources, and concerns.  As part of this analysis, we carefully evaluate the needs of your family, now and for future generations.

Estate & Wealth Planning takes a totally independent approach to creating the optimal financial plan for your needs. Whereas the vast majority of financial advisors are limited to a narrow group of plans and investments offered by the company they work for, Estate & Wealth Planning can offer you a much wider spectrum of financial strategies.


When you know how to plan your financial landscape, it’s easier to enjoy your retirement.

Risk Management

Prioritizing your investments can help put you on the path to a successful financial future.


When it comes to your financial future, you need someone in your corner.

Who We Are

Estate & Wealth Planning is a professional financial services firm focused on serving individuals and families who want personalized, comprehensive solutions for every season of life.

Built on the core values of integrity, respect, and kindness, and backed with credentials from the Financial Planning Association (FPA®), Estate & Wealth Planning approaches financial challenges with comprehensive, personalized coaching to clients.

Our goal is to develop multi-generational relationships and plans, building a solid financial plan for you and your loved ones now and in the years to come.


Below are just a few of the areas of uncertainty through which we guide our clients. Of course, the answers to all these questions vary based on each client’s unique situation. Little pieces of the puzzle need to fit together with their bigger plan. We seek to inform our clients about the pros and cons of their options.

What could I do with my old 401(k)?

You may be able to leave it where it is, or you may find that rolling it into an IRA suits your situation better.

What does this financial benefit information from my employer mean?

We seek to bring clarity to some of the confusing terms that are common to employer benefit packages. If more information is needed, we can host a three-way call with your Human Resources department or help you with what questions to ask.

Am I saving enough in the right accounts?

We can help you prioritize your savings goals and coordinate with your tax professional. We’ll help you get the most from before-tax and after-tax savings.

What happens to us if my spouse dies?

We will walk through some hypothetical scenarios to help you envision your current situation. And we’ll provide options for improving it if needed.

Should I have a long-term care insurance policy?

There are many ways to approach the possibility of needing care later in life, and we can help you weigh the positive and negative impacts of those approaches.

When should I apply for Social Security?

However much you wish to include this benefit in your planning, we can help you discover the filing strategy that makes the most sense to you.

Will I have enough money later for what I need?

We have walked with many people through their financial lives. Yes, there are many unknowns. But there is also peace of mind knowing you have planned ahead and done what you can to face the future with confidence.

How do I save for college and retirement?

We help you determine if the amount you are saving for short-terms needs (like college) is jeopardizing your long-term needs (like retirement).  This also depends on your own personal preferences.

What if my plans change?

Change is the only certainty! Our experience tells us that every plan must have the flexibility to adapt to new needs, circumstances and priorities.