Who We Are

Estate & Wealth Planning is a professional financial services firm focused on serving individuals and families who want personalized, comprehensive solutions for every season of life.

Built on the core values of integrity, respect, and kindness, and backed with credentials from the Financial Planning Association (FPA®), Estate & Wealth Planning approaches each client’s financial challenges with comprehensive, personalized coaching.

Our goal is to develop multi-generational relationships and plans, building a solid financial plan for you and your loved ones now and in the years to come.

Our Story

Estate & Wealth Planning began as Family Estate Planning. It was started as a solution to help families wisely plan their estates. As a young man, our founder, J. Abels, watched his neighbor’s farm get sold off, piece by piece, to pay estate taxes.  J. knew this situation wasn’t right, and he knew there were strategies people could utilize to avoid this fate. He was confident he could help people with sound financial counseling, open communication, and establishing long-term relationships with them.

Just as Estate & Wealth Planning forms multi-generational relationships with their clients, we are also a multi-generational company. J.’s daughter Liz was raised in the financial business and J. taught her to be a conscientious financial planner.


When Liz earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Financial Management, as well as her distinguished Certified Financial Planner™ professional designation, she joined Estate & Wealth Planning and has since become Senior Partner.

In 2010, Family Estate Planning joined Cambridge Investment Research and started doing business under the name of Estate & Wealth Planning. The name may have changed, but the cornerstone values of integrity, respect, kindness and dedication to family are more solid than ever.

In 2023, Stephen Abels joined the Estate & Wealth Planning team as Partner and Financial Advisor.   Stephen is the oldest son of J. Abels and brother of Liz Williams.

What started as a way to help families plan their estates has turned into a financial institution that displays an unwavering commitment to helping clients attain their financial goals – for their generation and the ones to come.

Over the years, our passion for working with you to ensure a bright financial future has only grown. No matter what your goals are or what stage you’re at in life, we’ll help you get there.

Liz Williams exhibits excellence and kindness in all she does. Passionate about helping people achieve their very best, Liz naturally embraces her calling as a Certified Financial Planner™ professional. Liz possesses a unique ability to see where clients need to be and communicate the steps required to get them there. Having walked with many clients through each stage of their financial journey, Liz knows firsthand the challenges and opportunities people face today.

Stephen Abels serves our clients with integrity and principled wisdom in every interaction.   Prior to joining Estate & Wealth Planning, inc., Stephen most recently served as President of Income and Wealth Planning for a Fortune 500 company where he led a $2B business unit focused on protecting families and preparing them for retirement through sound financial advice.  With the heart of a teacher, Stephen seeks to understand our clients’ goals, challenges, and opportunities in order to craft personalized strategies and solutions to best serve our clients and their families.


James Williams is passionate about helping people. Since the original inception of Estate & Wealth Planning, James has worked hard behind the scenes to support its clients. In 2015, James joined the team in a more visible role, serving as Operations Manager for Estate & Wealth Planning. James has over 20 years of IT and customer service experience, a Bachelor of Science degree in Management of Information Systems, and a Master of Arts degree in Management.